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Fromm and Eason: Fans Expectations



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    mleemlee Posts: 721 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    People are praising Fromm bc he won the game.. If he had come in and lost then everyone would be waiting on Eason to come back. Which might be Sunday morning..

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    Dawg14Dawg14 Posts: 197 ✭✭✭✭ Senior

    People like Fromm because he is confident. He appears to be a leader, which is something we all heard Eason struggled with last year. People also like underdogs and if you go by the physical attributes of Eason and Fromm, most people would pick Eason number 1 because of his physical attributes. I for one like Fromm because I feel he shows more passion than Eason, not that I'm saying Eason doesn't care. But I also believe Eason should keep his job once he comes back because he has game experience. If they were both true freshmen, I would go with Fromm.

    People also like Fromm b/c we scored points on his first three drives and Eason did not. Eason hasn't played great consistently and has demonstrated lack of accuracy/touch. When players are hyped as the next great thing and don't live up to them right away fans tend to bury them because fans expectations and reality do not always go hand and hand.

    People want to win and unfortunately for Eason, we didn't win last year. That was mostly due to the overall team and not just him, but he didn't show that he could elevate the team consistently (yes i know, there was one play against missouri and tenn each).

    This situation could get interesting though if Fromm wins big and Eason is out for 5 games. It would be hard to replace a 5-0 Fromm with the team looking good. Much like last year, when the Dallas Cowboys never went back to Tony Romo while Dak was winning.

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    oldon42oldon42 Posts: 2,145 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    @RedDawg said:
    @DawgsofWar Thank You

    Couldnt agree more buddy. The post game hype around Fromm is understandable but the negativity towards OUR QB Eason is ridiculous ESPECIALLY after a freakin injury w.t.f.! Show some compassion people!

    I really like how Chip explained it in his most recent article. In Summary the coaches chose Eason, FIRMLY. They chose Eason for good reasons. They want to win, SEC coaching jobs are always on the line, and they don't choose a QB over seniority, they choose them because they believe they are the best and will get us W's. I trust the coaches that see these players every F'n day over any one of these couch surfing haters.

    https://www.dawgnation.com/football/tricky-part-uga-comes-qb-jacob-eason-returns <<<Chip's article

    Great post. People Fromm or Eason is much less important than how Solomon Kindley and Kendall Baker play along with improvement in play by Lamont Gaillard and Andrew Thomas. This teams season will rise and fall on the OL.

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    SnoopDawgSnoopDawg Posts: 660 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Snoop gonna rally behind who ever is UGA QB 1, be it Fromm, Eason, Ramsey, Mailman or Vaughn

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