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Former Mike Bobo QB shares how Georgia offense might look, what players might hear



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    navydawgnavydawg Posts: 3,038 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    @thadec You made Excellent points. And at least Part of the reason that Richt wasn’t able to recruit higher level talent AND hire better coaches was that he didn’t have Even Vaguely the operating budget and facilities that attract recruits as Kirby has had. And I’m Not knocking on Kirby by saying that. Richt had the terrible misfortune of having Damon Evans as AD. A man that could care less about actually Doing his job. And also got caught up in an embarrassing scandal ( referring to Evans). One year Richt let it get out in the public ( I’m confident deliberately ) that he was willing to pay his Coaches pay raises out of his own pocket !! Richt never had even close to the support Kirby has had. Don’t get me wrong I’m Very Thankful that UGA decided to go all out for Kirby and the football program !! They (UGA) brought the program up to par and Better in many cases than other major football programs. These young recruits Love all these high caliber facilities and resources. It’s a large part of the recruiting process. All told Coach Richt did pretty well with what he had to work with. And Yes as you said he established the foundation for Kirby to build on. Kirby has done absolutely Phenomenal with what he inherited !! And I’m Very Proud of and for him !! But Coach Richt was and will be or Should be a part of the Dawgs legacy, because he played a positive role in helping to build it.

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    BigDawg61BigDawg61 Posts: 2,448 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited February 2023

    I would say, that same "leopard & spot" analogy, applies to some over-opinionated fans, as well. Once a know-it-all...always a know-it-all. Nothing you can do about that. And, no I'm not talking about @navydawg or anyone specifically.

    I've had the pleasure of knowing several individuals, that would rather chew off their right arm, than to say anything that would throw shade on a previously avowed opinion. They'll NEVER adjust their opinion, based on new data. I think it's rooted in some self-value thing. Maybe they lost a lot of arguments to their parents. Or something. Lol

    Speaking of opinions...Bobo is a better Coach now, than he was 15 yrs ago. But, for some people...he'll never escape that first impression. He was an outstanding Coordinator, while he was here and would be wearing 2 or 3 Championship rings, if UGA could've actually stopped somebody on the defensive side of the ball.

    Richt's program trajectory at the time, took a nose-dive when, "Van Gorder decided to leave and Willie Martinez was eventually hired", "Dooley was force retired and Damon Evans was hired...then fired shortly after (for DUI among other things)" & "his Wife developed Cancer causing him to lean on a friend...(DC) Willie Martinez".

    Just to be clear...Willie Martinez is the worst DC in UGA History....IMO. And...the reason UGA didn't win a Natty under Richt. Bobo and UGA's offense, was the only bright spot of that era.. it took Richt too long to bounce back from the damage his loyalty and friendship to Willie "Bend-don't-break" Martinez did to the defensive leg of the Program.

    Pruitt was on the right path, but, time and opportunity took over. Kirby finally agreed to come back to Athens...as Head Coach. Not as DC as Richt had tried to get him to do, before he hired Grantham...and, again after he fired Grantham. Pruitt was second or third choice and had some of the same football DNA as Kirby (and Mel Tucker).

    What's interesting is that Smart and Pruitt, apparently didn't see eye-to-eye. Otherwise, why wouldn't Smart keep Pruitt on staff? They just worked together at BAMA under Saban. I think it's because Kirby had his own way of doing things...with his own ideas of how to build a Championship Program, while Pruitt was a true "Saban-ite" and would resist change.

    As for Mr. Bobo....I knew Bobo going to Colorado was a big mistake. But, it was time for him to make a move, and that was the "best available", at the time. He has grown through the fires of experience since...and, I think we all know that "experience and practice", don't make you worse...but, perfect. Lol...you can build experience...but, you can't replace it.

    Bobo's gonna be just what the Doctor ordered for UGA's offense, going forward. You just thought they were explosive over the last couple of years. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

    UGA needed a Todd Monkin in 2020, to get it started. Now, they need a Mike Bobo to build on it and take it the distance. Monkin was always going to be a 2-3 year hired gun. That's been his MO, since the '80's. Leopard.....spots. Lol

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    navydawgnavydawg Posts: 3,038 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    And once again my Brother you are right, right, and right !! I think Some want Guaranteed success. Ain’t gonna happen. EVEN if Monken had stayed he couldn’t honestly Guarantee success. The Probability would be sky high though. The probability with Bobo is pretty Dawg gone good Lol !! Kirby is No dummy. He went with the best at hand which is Bobo. Many fans believe and I think there’s plenty of merit to that, Kirby hired Bobo as an analyst because he knew Sooner rather than later Monken would get itchy feet and leave. A Smart move by Smart Lol !! I’m confident Bobo did add to his knowledge from his time with Monken. And coupled with his own knowledge along with the level of talent that Bobo has Never had at his disposal the O should be pretty potent. I love how the naysayers simply choose to ignore the compliment that Monken himself in His own words gave Bobo !! That Bobo drew up some of the plays in particular Red Zone plays. So in reality when some of those plays went well and we were cheering Boy that Coach Monken is a genius ain’t he ??!!?? It Could have been a Bobo play !!! Course we don’t know which plays. But Monken being the straight shooter he is wouldn’t have even brought that up if he wasn’t at least some impressed with Bobo !! He wouldn’t have any reason to. The naysayers are essentially saying they don’t trust Kirby or Monken !! No one can Guarantee that Bobo will be successful that’s ludicrous to say of Any Coach. But the Probability of success is Very high !!

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