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BaxleydawgBaxleydawg Posts: 4,823 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

Hi valued board members. I certainly miss the interaction.

I popped on for one last post after reading the 9 page retraction letter. My problem is not accurate reporting but rather the fabrications and narrative creating of Mr. Judd. I’m not crying about it. Simply exercising my right to go to unbiased reporting. ON3 has an excellent article on the Jarret situation that reports the facts and lets you make a decision. Judd had blatant fabrications in his article. Kirby and UGA don’t support the abuse of women. These types of problems plague young people nationwide and I’d bet that UGA players have these problems at a lower percentage than kids without a vocation.

Kirby had removed all three players from the team as he should. that Mr. Judd mentions. Mr. Judd also can’t tell anyone who the other 8’players he mentions are. He’s a flat out liar. I’d be glad to meet him on the field of honor if that offends him.

I actually support capital punishment for rapist and child molesters. However it is very factual that false allegations of sexual abuse happen everyday, as much as 40 percent of allegations. It’s well documented that these form of allegations have been weaponized by some men and women. This form of crime and it is a crime should have the same punishment as the actual crime. It demeans actual victims, severely damages the victims of the accusations, and gives police a burden they don’t need to have. Police should be able to believe a victim of sexual assault and go after the bad guy without having to worry about false accusations.

Famous people such as football players sometimes become targets for this type of crime.

When I logged back on I saw I had a couple of responses to my sign off. One person who is undoubtedly a chronically offended person with a need for a safe space suggested that I should just leave and not cry about it. Certainly that’s what I’m doing. When I don’t trust a company or media outlet I exercise my right to change. That’s how a free market punishes dishonest behaviors in a company. The company loses customers.

@Kconnorriley @JeffSentell @DawgNationDaily @MikeGriffith you guys have always done an excellent job of staying politics free and just covering sports which is what I enjoy. I come to sports for entertainment and to have a break from the controversy. That’s why I consumed your content and avidly supported your sponsors such as Kroger. You guys are now probably in a fight for what you have built. I suggest you gird up your loins and go to war. Let management know what’s going on. For me I will not be back unless Mr. Judd publicly prints a retraction letter and I hope he does so that I have the opportunity to return.

No need to respond to me as I will not see the response. Take care y’all.


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    BigDawg888BigDawg888 Posts: 1,554 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I agree with your post. I read the 9 page response and it is quite clear to me that Mr. Alan Judd has misrepresented the facts substantially. So substantially that he has put the company he works for, AJC, in the sights of legal actions taken by other actors. I would expect a retraction unless other unknown or non-public facts have not been shared. Stating 11 persons but only naming 3 is blatant misrepresentation of the situation. Not providing context on those 3 correctly is also misleading to the reader. It is clear to me someone at the AJC has an axe to grind. Unfortunately for the AJC they have 'jumped the shark' on their version of journalism here.

    The bigger question is if they are willing to distort and manipulate the context on this what else do they allow on other issues. Clearly, the AJC needs to retract immediately.

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