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Mass Ban Bet Wagers

MackDawgMackDawg Posts: 2,204 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

I would love it if we would start doing mass ban bets for upcoming games

For example, people wagering that we beat the barn vs people wagering we lose

For each person that joins the wager, the people on the other side of the wager would potentially receive a +1 week ban.

So, say if Acrum21, MackDawg and texdawg make the bet with dgd829, he potentially gets a 3 week ban if we win. On the other hand Acrum21, MackDawg and texdawg would each get a 1 week ban if we lose to the barn.

Say that RandomSuperNegaDawgLSUFan joins the wager and bets that we lose to the barn, then Acrum21, MackDawg, and texdawg would then get a 2 week ban.

Then DisneyDawg34 joins the fray in favor of us beating the barn, and suddenly RandomSuperNegaDawgLSUFan and dgd829 are staring at a potential 4 week ban.

Don't know if the mods would play ball with this but the steaks would never be saltier if we did do this

This is brilliant. We can have @Denmen185track everything on his excel sheets. Can we please play@Kasey? Pleaseeee

Hat tip @Acrum21

Mass Ban Bet Wagers 22 votes

We should do mass ban bets. I love betting because I'm a degenerate gambler. Please Mr. Mods lettuce play *gambling impulse intensifies*
Palm_City_Dawgjarred_buckDawgsince76KaseyPharmDawg2054AnotherDawgTNDawg71Bulldawg1982Central_FL_BullDawgCTDawgArkaDawgbenrainwaterUGA21dgd829fresh_dawgtruepingMackDawg 17 votes
No mass ban bets good god this isn't a gambling joint you freaking degenerate.
MarkBoknechtCatfishRoyGaffDawgs80Servodawg 5 votes


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