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ESPN's Finebaum: 'Kirby Smart is trying to run Alabama 2.0 and it’s not working'



  • ItchyZItchyZ Posts: 140 ✭✭✭ Junior

    PF is just another person with an opinion.

  • williewolfwilliewolf Posts: 58 ✭ Freshman

    Smart inherited a better team than he's built

  • ColumbusDawgColumbusDawg Posts: 210 ✭✭✭ Junior

    I think this is one of the dumbest comments Finebaum has made in recent years(and he has made several that were totally wrong). He was SAYING THE OPPOSITE THE PAST 3 YEARS! Talk about overreaction! He also said that LSU's record this year would be what? 8-4 at best? Or was it 7-6 or 6-6? And Coach O might not make it through the season? First it is more than 75% working, probably 85-90% working. I am quite sure Alabama and Saban thinks its working per the last 2 meetings where they were LOSING 98% of both games, pulling them out at the VERY END, IN OT. And to discount the effect of losing your top 6 receivers from the past season with mostly all young and inexperienced ones remaining is asinine. I understand that OK that is a weakness so makeup for it elsewhere. In todays college football, the receiving game is paramount and extremely difficult to overcome if that is full of inexperience. The WR and QB positions take the most time on offense to develop and that takes experience. Running routes, learning blocks, getting in sync with the QB. That being said, it is the responsibility of the OC to deal with it and make the most of the strengths of what you do have and to develop the weakness and inexperience. Losing to the best team in the nation, who had an exceptional QB and receiving corp does not indicate that "IT" is not working. Finebaum is trying to make headlines and get attention and this is an opinion, that he may or may not even believe himself. But as a talking head, making controversial comments, that will not get you in hot water, is what keeps him most relevant. Imagine having Nauta, Hardman, Ridley for Fromm to connect with? Or just ONE of them? If Cager was healthy and Pickens the whole game TOGETHER on the field? Probably would have been MUCH closer and with the additional first downs they would have provided, our defense that played so awesome, would have had even more rest, less time for Burrow to put up points. I mean, come on, a couple of good experienced receivers, and this game would have went to the wire. The difference was not that huge, just 1 or 2 WR's! I tell you what Finebaum, give Fromm LSU's receivers and give Burrow UGA's receivers and Finebaum would be saying Kirby has created Alabama 2.0! Because a team was a weak area due to attrition, its not working? I would say that on this comment, YOU are not working.

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