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  • Re: Tempering my own enthusiasm for 2/7/2018

    All cool. I too sometimes post without scouring the site to see if it has already been mentioned. Honestly, if it isn't in the top 10, i normally dont pay attention.

    As for your original post, I would love to get 3 of the 5 also. However, I would probably swap Sandidge for Reese. I'm not totally impressed with our current options and you can never have enough big guys up front .

  • Re: The Future Is Bright

    @hailmaryvol said:
    Some of my favorite memories: Jason Allen planting a power T flag on the 50 yard line at Sanford Stadium after we just upset Pollack and Greene. How bout Eric Berry laying the wood to Knowshawn Moreno a few years back. As far as class goes, how bout y'alls O lineman taking a cheap shot on Shy Tuttle two years ago after Chubb and Marshalls freak injuries. One things for sure, I hate GA and I love UT. Been a good night up here on Rocky Top, that's for sure ;)

    So let me get this right. I good night for a Vols fan is sitting at home watching someone else play for the National Championship, hummm. I imagine there will be many more good night's in your future.

  • Re: Kendrick Lamar or Parrish

    You and I finally agree .. I listened to about 5 secs of it and then turned it.

  • Re: They simply shut us down in the second half

    @BoroDawg said:
    We ran Wild Dawg inside our 25 twice on the same drive. Michel was ONVIOSULY the better back tonight, but we didn’t see him at all in the 4th. We threw 9 times in the second half. Chaney called a gutless second half.

    WOW another post bashing Chaney. Why don't you start your own thread about Chaney so you can keep all these thoughts in one place.

  • Re: Feel bad for Michel

    @BoroDawg said:
    Jim chaney is the answer to that. He isn’t championship caliber. Anybody with eyes saw that’s chubb didn’t have what it took vs this defense.

    Dude, did Chaney do something to you in another life? It's like every other post you make is a Chaney bash. Is he the greatest of all times, no. Did i agree with with all of his calls? No. But, d.a.m.n...