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  • Re: There are more than 7 slots left.

    @DawgNut said:
    So 9 of the 34 in 2013 counted toward the 2012 class? I don't think so.

    Whatever chief. You're right and the rest of us are wrong.

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  • Re: There are more than 7 slots left.

    @DawgNut said:
    UGA signed 30 in 2015 snd Bama signed 29 last year

    Again, some of them had to back do it to the year before .... why is this hard to understand? I'm not saying UGA can't sign more than 25, I'm saying that only 25 can count toward the 2018 signing class.

  • Re: Eason rumors

    @ERK4HOF said:

    Well it does if your 1st or 2nd post is spreading rumors!!!!

    P.s.s... I was told by someone who tutors athletes at UGA that he was told that Eason spent Sunday fishing with Fromm at the fish pond used by the Veterinarian school to breed hybrid catfish. So I guess they do get along.

    You have 684 posts and it doesn’t mean jack in regards to your “credibility” on here! The guy says he that’s what he heard and decided to share it. Nothing more. Over half of these forums are rumors. If you disagree then just disregard and move on right?

    Mister_E: Thanks for sharing. Hope it’s not true and we’ll see what happens I guess.

    Again, his 2ND post is nothing but rumors and he posts it right after our 1ST loss of the year. I'm stunned that his intent flies right over your head.

    Also, to quote you "If you disagree [with me] then just disregard and move on...." instead of giving us your 13th post (opinion).

  • Re: Eason rumors

    You had me until you said the word "rumors"....

    Oh that and the fact that this is your 2nd post....