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  • Re: Sumlin gone after LSU

    I agree that both of these jobs (especially A&M) are primo jobs that could be power houses of the right guy is hired. Let's hope that A&M hires a piss poor recruiter.

  • Re: Signing Day(s) dilemma

    Signing day(s) are going to be like a recruiting playoff.... 12/20 will be round 1 where we separate the men from the boys and 2/7/18 Will be the finals .... I will be at home watching/listening on the 20th.... I will probably be mowing the grass on 2/7 since we will have almost everything wrapped up.....

  • Re: Sneaky Interesting game

    A dream scenario wpuld be foe USCe to beat Clemson and then Clemson beat Miami in the ACC champ.......

  • Re: Brenton Cox wants to stay closer to home now?

    @thehutch40 said:
    Can someone explain to me FSF. Everytime I see someone post a link and I click on it to view the site, it just shows a headline with zero info except a 247 player profile and a lot of tweets and other mess.

    I always thought it was something wrong with my browser ... not a big fan of the site

  • Re: *BREAKING* Zamir White has torn his ACL

    It does **** for the young man, but he will recover... as for those that say a back is never the same after this:

    1. They weren't watching Chubb take one around the left end, 55 yds, to the end zone this weekend.

    2. They also haven't been paying any attention to Gurley in the pros. Speaking of TG3, I doubt he would have went in the 1st round of the draft if the NFL didn't think he had fully recovered. Other than the Browns, teams don't like wasting 1st round draft picks.