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    @SwiftyMan said:

    Sandidges’s Mom-

    From what I understand, coach Scott has pretty much told Kirby that this is his recruitment and he will take care of it and I guess he told me he says that selfishly because I am putting in all the man hours and all the work and he knows we have Muschamp recruiting him (for Carolina) but it is whatever. He said he was in this thing until the wheels fall off or until ‘Junior’ says he doesn’t want me to recruit him anymore.”

    “The scariest part for South Carolina may be the connection between ‘Junior’ and coach Scott,” his mother said. “Because there is no connection for him at another school like that one.”

    Why are you quoting part of a story from DawgNation? Then you don't even add anything to it. Makes no sense.....

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    @TheSmartWay said:

    @JRT812 said:

    @TheSmartWay said:
    how easy it is to rile up the foolish.

    Give more detail

    It's easy to get someone up in arms when that person is weak of mind.

    I'm not for sure who you are calling weak of mind, please elaborate more!

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    @ugaforever said:
    DV's are apart of it. Sorry you are so worried about them.

    DVs are a part of it, legit DVs.... yours are nothing more than childish **** ****. I don't mind getting them from real posters, at least I know they have a logical reason, but according to your other post above your childish reason is "you DV me so I DV you"......

    Also, I imagine that there are a lot of other posters on here that don't want you banned because you have become their Mississippi. Without you here they wouldn't be able to say "well at least I'm not ugaforever." I'm also not one of those that are going to ask you to stop being an a.s.s. ..... I'm just going to assume that it's in your nature and that you can't stop. DV away little man....

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    @ugaforever .... I'm not for sure who you are or what I did to tick you off, but since you seem to like doing nothing but voting me down, let me give you a reason, your nothing but a little goober (best I could put on here)...... get a life.

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    According to what @Denmen185 has listed above we will be his last visit... you always love the last visit......