New baby bulldawg

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Hey y’all! Wanted to let y’all know I had the baby this morning and it’s a boy bullpup! He’s named after my dad and my husband’s dad, both DGDs!



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    Congrats to your family

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    Congrats to you and RPMdawg. Cannot think of things more exciting, rewarding. Oh, we have four teenagers and.....

    Don't think about that now.

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    Thanks, guys! @bigdawg2223 I hope your wife has a speedy labor! Good luck to y’all!

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    Congrats!! I know he is a blessing to you and your family.

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    @BiggerBadDawg said:
    @allyw Congrats to your family , it’s a great blessing! I named my son after my dad as well. My wife got to name our daughter, I got dibs on the boy!
    @bigdawg2223 I just spent all day after church making sure my lil guy who is 10 was ready for baseball assessments tomorrow. It’s just a proud moment when he ask if you wanna play catch and help him . Prayers for you and your wife and the upcoming addition to your family.

    Man I’m telling you I can’t wait! I’ll reveal the name when he’s born I think DawgNation will love it!

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    What a wonderful blessing. Congratulations.

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    Congrats thats an amazing event. It goes by so fast. Enjoy ever moment you can. I have a 4 year old and it's gone by way to fast.

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    Fantastic!!!! What a handsome boy!
    Don't blink.

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    He is precious. What an incredible blessing children are! Enjoy each moment. Before you know it, he will be headed off to UGA!!

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    Awesome. Congrats...

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    Big Congrats, @allyw :)

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    Congrats on the pup!

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    Congrats @allyw !

    Proud for you guys! @JoelSidneyKelly is right. Everyone told me the same thing and I ensured them I would not... now they are 7/5/2... in a blink.

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    @allyw Super Awesome!!! Congratulations from all of us to all of y’all!!!

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    Congrats @allyw !! Nice Looking Dawg Pup you have there.!!

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    love starting my Monday morning with some good news! Congrats @allyw broette! Super pumped for y’all!

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    Congratulations @allyw!

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    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hope he's an Edge Rusher.

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    Beautiful baby and parents...congratulations!

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    Congrats to you and yours!


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