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Chaney Debate - Tape Breakdown - Please! I want to hear a defense for this guy.



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    Denmen185Denmen185 Posts: 7,417 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    @donm said:

    @VaBeachDawg said:

    @12ed said:
    Kirby was originally after Dan Enos, if Baldlama is fired then he's free. I looked it up and he isn't fat. Looks potentially charismatic and intelligent. Fire the four-eyed Porkchop not named pittman and hire this man! GATA Kirby.

    Also, fire tray scott because I don't like people with two first names

    this is quality. well done sir.

    Seems hateful and ignorant to me.

    12ed lives for DV so don't take it literally.

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    Hot__DawgHot__Dawg Posts: 133 ✭✭✭ Junior

    I can't disagree with your assessment of Chaney's play calling or the gameplan in general. I expected a lot of runs to the perimeter, a few screens, slants. Smart shoulders plenty of blame as well. So do individual players who made very costly (at least 21pts worth of) errors. You can't blame the coaches for a ridiculous drop or a fumble or a leaping penalty on a punt. There is plenty of blame to go around for that poor performance on the plains.
    As far as the season goes, we are still having a very good one. We knew before the season started that our offensive line was still going to be a liability, as was our secondary and receiving corps to lesser extents (I did expect better play from Ridley in his second season). Auburn certainly 'exposed' weaknesses that, honestly, we knew were there. I really don't feel comfortable calling them weaknesses, as those players are, for the most part, DGDs who give (not unlike DEADPOOL) maximum effort and have generally performed somewhat better than expectations. How many of us expected to be 9-1 through week eleven? I expected us to win the East, but not yet be able to win the SEC without plenty of luck in the CG. Let's just get these wins against Kentucky and Tech. GO DAWGS!

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    DawgsonTopDawgsonTop Posts: 521 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    @MacDawg15 said:
    I don't know when it'll be the best time to make a change offensively simply because our talent will put #'s up, and implementing a new system takes time. We're gonna win alot of games simply due to great athletes, recruiting and development. It feels like offensively we're trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. I was a hs quarterback and I've coached hs ball here in Ga. And in no way am I saying I could do any better than JC, because it's not an easy job. So I'm not gonna be that armchair guy. But because you HAVE to scheme and make adjustments to put the O in the best chance for success each drive, we're 9-1 and it has a funny taste to it. CKS HAS changed the culture and what's no longer acceptable. I EXPECT us to win now instead of thinking each week "as long as we do this and this, we'll win." But that can only last for so long when we continue trying to do something that clearly isn't working and not having a plan b or c to go to when needed. When your freshman qb is getting pressured consistently, calling a slow developing play like a flea flicker isn't smart. We are a running team that in a perfect world we could just line up and whip the guy in front of us and mostly dominate like in the 1st 9 games. But as we see that's not gonna cut it each week. HOW we responded Saturday to the defensive changes AU made after a great 1st drive was not good. Just like most teams have the run pass option these days, we need that option as a PHILOSOPHY to be able to adapt and TRY to keep defenses honest. Of course it'll be said that we're 9-1 and it's crazy to want a change in an OC because we were ranked in the top 10 in rushing yards, or over 95% in the red zone. But we have playmakers that make plays.. Our O line is ALOT better than last year even though AU beat us up in the trenches Sat. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But to be where we wanna be, we can't be so predictable and unimaginative calling plays. If we get beat simply because we lost to a better team, I could deal with it and not have a single issue if we left the field knowing we did all we COULD offensively. Saturday we turned the ball over, had sloppy blocking, tackling and catching; and didn't execute. But to not be prepared and to not make adjustments leaves alot of "what ifs." What if we were more creative in ways to get the ball to our horses? How would the scores during the 9-0 stretch been different if our O was more aggressive? CKS said at the end of the 1st half that we probably should've been more aggressive in our play calling before halftime. What happens when we need points, and fast? I don't care what our OC's name is as long as he's not so vanilla, and unprepared to make adjustments when needed. I'm not saying change what our game plan is weekly. Our ID is running the ball and throwing off of that ability to run. Imo HOW we could be SO much better is the issue. We're not re-inventing the wheel by finding other and more creative ways to keep the chains moving, and putting points on the board.

    Holy wall of text.

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    BobcatGradBobcatGrad Posts: 1,593 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    @12ed said:
    Kirby was originally after Dan Enos, if Baldlama is fired then he's free. I looked it up and he isn't fat. Looks potentially charismatic and intelligent. Fire the four-eyed Porkchop not named pittman and hire this man! GATA Kirby.

    I have followed Mid-American Conference Football since my freshman year at Ohio University in 1981. Dan Enos replaced Butch Jones when he left CMU to replace Brian Kelly at Cincinnati. Central Michigan has been one of the stronger programs in the MAC over the past 30 years and Enos had a record of 26-36 and was not popular at CMU. I realize that a record as a head coach does not necessarily correlate with the ability to be an OC and he has solid pedigree having been the starting QB at Michigan State under George Perles.

    In 2015 during his first year at Arkansas, Enos was successful with several games over 50 points and wins over Auburn and #9 LSU. However, Arkansas lost to Toledo 12-16 coached by current Iowa State Coach Matt Campbell. Sure playing a MAC team can be a trap game, but Enos should have known better having coached in the same MAC Division as Campbell.

    I bring up Campbell, because if you want to talk about a program that understands a balanced offense, Mount Union College is great example over the past 30 years under Larry Kehres (332-24-3 record) and his son Vince Kehres. I saw Campbell play at Mount Union and coach at Mount Union as an assistant. I saw both left-handed and right-handed QB’s and quarterbacks such as Jim Ballard a Pro-Style pocket passer (Won a NFL Europe Championship) and other QB’s that were more of a dual threat. Regardless of the QB, you can go to practically any season statistic page and find a virtual 50-50% totals for rushing and passing. Their success is not just the game plan, but the ability to make adjustments during a game and the overall development of players on the field and off the field. Campbell is still young and hopefully Florida and Tennessee will look for someone older who is more nationally known. Campbell is an under-rated rising star and I would hope he winds up somewhere other than the SEC Eastern Division. If he wound up at Tennessee, he would expand their recruiting footprint into talent rich Ohio.

    As for Chaney, like most I had felt a lot better through the first nine games and was frustrated with the inability to adjust yesterday. Overall, I think he is limited by the OL which should be better next year and hopefully a true asset by 2019. On the positive side, he was able to help maintain Eason’s commitment and help flip Fromm and get the verbal of Justin Fields. We could consider someone such as Enos, but then someone younger becomes a Head Coaching Candidate and then you are back to a revolving door. If things begin to click with the offense next year, we should then be in a strong position to keep a successful Pittman / Chaney package as I don’t see them as head coaching candidates and Georgia is a great place to live and a retirement destination for coaches.

    Lets see how the rest of the season goes and how the offense does through the SEC Championship and Bowl Game(s).

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    bigdawg2223bigdawg2223 Posts: 1,833 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Chaney had nothing to do with Fields and probably not much with Fromm. Fields was ALL Dell McGee

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    donmdonm Posts: 10,241 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    @bigdawg2223 said:
    Chaney had nothing to do with Fields and probably not much with Fromm. Fields was ALL Dell McGee

    I think an OC would play SOME role in a QB's commitment decision. Indirect perhaps but Fields had to, at least, feel comfortable with him and a play caller and QB coach.

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