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Now that NIL has consumed the collegiate level…



  • pgjacksonpgjackson Posts: 11,227 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    You were trying to make a point that unrestrained NIL = Freedom and America = Freedom and all that and any sort of restraint is Communist. That was your point, correct? The fact is ALL business and exchange of goods and services is regulated in this country. Wherever it is not, there is generally exploitation, monopoly and unfair practices.

    Maybe they should consider student athletes as school employees instead of just students. As employees it would be up to the school to determine their "worth" in terms of compensation over and above normal scholarship opportunities.

  • DawginSCDawginSC Posts: 745 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I simply don't agree. I watch football games to see the players play. Without the players on the field, it's just watching grass grow.

    I get you think it doesn't matter if UGA rolls out the players they have or a general student. I simply disagree. You're talking about the difference between Division 1 FBS and division 3 football. Nobody watches division 3 football except the family and friends of the players and coaches.

    I went to school at the same time as Champ Bailey. Trust me... if they had rolled me out there instead of champ, nobody at UGA would want to watch.

    I don't want to watch UGA do this.

    I want them to actually play well. I'm not going to watch if they can't. And that means getting good players. And I do not have a problem with them earning money from that.

  • YaleDawgYaleDawg Posts: 4,466 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
    edited February 1

    I think it should be restrained until kids are on campus. No deals out in the open before enrollment as far as capping earning potential no way

  • SWDawg68SWDawg68 Posts: 923 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    That is true, regrettably!

    If what I understand to be true, as of today and I am 95% on my accuracy with this topic.

    I think that the ones who are against your responses are worrying about "many, many things" that haven't happened, but fear that it is going to occur.

    To only talk about what is allowed or allowable, NIL is a way for college athletes to be compensated for what is already theirs. Absolutely no one should have an issue with that in any form or shape.

    BUT some think it is free for all and money is thrown all around and players are reaping huge amounts of money and things are going to get out of hand and the sport I love is going to implode!

    That will not happen!

    Sure, there will be growing pains, but that is the exception and sure some of these athletes have already put themselves in a bad position (which they have) but that is the exception. But as a whole, everything has gone to plan! There needs to be some tweaks to the system and that will happen in April, but the NCAA has the power and has been given the authority by the Universities and the conferences to manage the day to day, with more rules and regs coming in April.

    It is done, has been done and will be managed by the NCAA. They are not perfect and have done some fairly bizarre things in the past, but no one is going unchecked or without supervision!

    UGA has handled this, IMO flawlessly, they have created their own version of a team wide NIL, it is treated like a stipend and managed! The individual NIL is managed at the player level and still falls under the supreme court ruling, with the NCAA managing the overall process.

  • DawginSCDawginSC Posts: 745 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Yes. As I said I think the players deserve the bulk (more than half) of the revenue from sports. Even including room, board, scholarship cost, books, tutoring, etc... colleges at the top are spending around 20% of their football revenue on players. In 2019 UGA had 174 million in football revenue. I'm not sure what it is now, but back in 2011 it was reported UGA spent 180,000 per player (all 125, not just scholarship players). that's about 23 million. Let's say they spend 300,000 per player now (it's less than that, but we'll just use that)... that's 38 million spent on players (including their scholarships) out of 174 million... or 21%.

    I simply think players deserve a higher percentage than that. We watch the players play, not the administrators of the school administrate.

  • KaseyKasey Posts: 21,957 mod

    And no one has a problem when the head coach is making $5-10M a year.

  • DawgwiredDawgwired Posts: 1,320 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    Lol. Funny video right there. Reminds me of backyard tackle the man with the ball. And right before you get tackled you just launch the ball as far as you can. Ha ha. I’ve Seen some good ones in college too. One of the best is the two Florida linemen blocking each other. Who would’ve thought D-1 Sec lineman would block each other

  • YaleDawgYaleDawg Posts: 4,466 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate
  • pgjacksonpgjackson Posts: 11,227 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    The NFL has a similar rule, but it's at 53 players. It's weird how so many of these issues some of us foresee with NIL have already been addressed by the NFL. They went through this already. The NFL didn't just say "every team for themselves...." they implemented strict rules to govern spending and ensure fairness, parity and overall league success. If they hadn't, and just let the free market dictate, the NFL would probably just be the Cowboys, Giants, Patriots, some LA team, and a bunch of 2nd rate programs hoping to get lucky.

  • pgjacksonpgjackson Posts: 11,227 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I went to an Ole Miss game this year. I wore my UGA gear just because. I had several people come up to me and ask questions about Kirby and some of the players. One guy mentioned that none of the Mississippi schools would ever be able to compete because there is state law regulating how much state employees can make...and coaches are state employees. Plus, the state of Mississippi just doesn't have the economic foundation to support NIL the way other states can. I wonder if that is what Kiffen is referring to.

  • KaseyKasey Posts: 21,957 mod

    Yea but the players would be paid their fair worth. People think players are overpaid. Considering who is signing the checks I would disagree.

  • HemingweyHemingwey Posts: 939 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I see people suggesting players get paid directly by the university (beyond tuition, room, board, the chance to develop into an NFL prospect, etc.). I think THAT is a terrible idea. However, I support legitimate NIL.

  • pgjacksonpgjackson Posts: 11,227 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

    I think that is the only solution. Let the players share in the revenues of their sport. You have a soccer scholarship...sorry, you probably won't get paid anything over the basic scholarship. Want a bigger piece, try out for the football team as a kicker. If the football team makes a $50M profit, that's $588K per scholarship player. Too much? Then lets use the NFL model of 48%. That's $282K per player. That's fair....unless you are the star player. Why should the star QB get the same as the 3rd string center? Maybe let the coach's decide the payout per individual. I've actually had to do that at one of my jobs. I was the manager of 28 direct reports and one year my department had $10,000 in bonus money I could distribute. Had to make some tough decisions on who got what. That would be a true merit-based system.

    I'm not sure how you manage a legitimate NIL. What stops a rich booster from paying a kid $1M for showing up at a car dealership to sign autographs? Can't just had the kid a bag of money, he has to earn it somehow...that is impossible to accurately monetize.

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