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I had the craziest dream

texdawgtexdawg Posts: 11,581 ✭✭✭✭✭ Graduate

It starts with me walking into this Athens bar on a sleepy Monday night. Outside the bar.....in neon lights... it read " this is a no Covid bar. Which was great because no one had to wear a mask.

The first thing I saw as soon as I walked in was @SoFL_Dawg and @Casanova_Flatulence standing by the bar in a heated argument. @Kasey was standing behind soflow.....jumping up and down.....and pointing across at flatulence......shouting... .dude!!!! got you again.....you're not worthy.

I walked up.....stood next to flatulence....and for some reason.....even though it wasn't my argument....I kept telling soflow how much I respected him but just didn't agree with him...then I asked about the baby.... but was ignored. @PhineasGage was standing behind me with a notepad......everytime I said something he would write DV on his notepad.

I look up and see Rian Davis walk in with Jake Fromm following behind him. Rian gave soflow a bro hug and then Rian gave flatulence the bird. Fromm then gave flatulence the bird. For some reason......every time Rian would say something.....Fromm would agree with him.

Then I heard all this clapping and when I looked up......I saw Herschel Walker walk in with Larry Munson (it's a dream....remember)

First thing......soflow runs over and asks for HW's autograph. Rian Davis is walking in circles and keeps repeating."i didn't know HW was that big", "didn't know HW was that big". Fromm was following behind Rian and occasionally wiping his forehead with a damp cloth. Really weird.

In the middle of the bar was a MMA octagon. And In the middle of the octagon stood @WCDawg and @swilkerson. About to battle. Winner got another chance to join Dawgnation. (Probation period) The referee was @Teddy. Although WC was tougher and meaner......he lost......just too old. @Teddy kept claiming no winner because he didn't want either of them back.

@JeffSentell kept walking around like Switzerland.... neutral on everything and unwilling to pick a side. He was passing out Kroger gift cards and asking people to purchase adds on Dawgnation. (I tried using my gift card but it had a zero balance....embarrassing as h.e.l.l)

Natalie Dormer walked in holding Major's hand. Everyone in the bar agreed.....NATALIE'S LIFE DEFINATELY MATTERS. And just to be clear.... that's hot chocolate in Major's mug.

@CZCashvilleDawg was holding a recruiting round table with @EvilSamPittman @AugDawg69 @LowcountryDawg21 @SquillDawg and @TheSmartWay . Evil kept getting upset because Cash kept talking about how good the 2025 and 2026 class was going to be.

@brady01 walks in with the vol fan that rear ended him in the Zaxby's drive thru. There really were no hard feelings since they are now dating....turns out... they actually were related and the vol fan is very persuasive.

@BengalDawg actually walked in with Atl Vol. They met because of the Volnation gold thread. Atl vol looked ridiculous in his orange checkered over alls, no shirt, orange pumps and a Falcons hat. He kept walking around introducing himself and saying " I did get one prediction correct"

Enjoyed meeting @christopherules . Super nice guy. He kept walking around showing everyone a slide show of his family on his phone. I have to admit..... after the 7th picture......it got awkward and I lost interest. His in laws really did look like nice people.

@Acrum21 , @LBCoach and @Thelordjohnson were having a very interesting football discussion. The lord brought a dry erase board and LB was going to town writing out different defensive formations. The Lord got p.i.s.s.e.d when acrum joined in and accidentally used a permanent marker. After a long absence @dgd829 walked in and joined the conversation. Like always.... he would make a really good football point......followed by something that didn't make any sense. The others just ignored him.....although acrum tried to be nice to him.

Thought it was interesting that @ClemTown showed up. Such a friendly person and throughly enjoyed meeting him. But it was odd because he kept telling everyone that Georgia was his second favorite team.....but we kept saying that Clemson s.u.c.k.s. But he was cool with it.

Also enjoyed meeting @ghostofuga1 .....but he did keep getting on everyone's nerves because he kept walking around saying "stay on topic"

It was a very long dream.... .

That is end of part 1.......Part 2 gets weird.

Really weird......



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